Protect Your Investment with airPHX®

At airPHX our goal is to help you deliver fresher, safer food from the cleanest facilities. We want to protect your investment by providing a germ and pathogen-free environment ensuring that you deliver only the finest quality product to your consumers. airPHX not only cleans the air in your facility, it purifies the surfaces - top to bottom - all at once.

airPHX | Environmental uses atmospheric cold plasma to solve microbial problems in food processing, cold storage, produce processing and storage, refrigerated shipping, grocery displays​, restaurants, mold remediation and more.

airPHX technology eliminates bacteria, fungus, viruses, and mold in the air and on surfaces for unrelenting pathogen control. Click the pictures below for more information or scroll down to learn more about airPHX technology and how it works.

Food Processing and Risk Management
Greenhouses and Produce
Mold Remediation
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The airPHX Mission


airPHX purifies the air and surfaces in an environment to make spaces clean


airPHX prevents meats and vegetables from being contaminated by bacteria that endanger consumers and molds that rot fruit


airPHX protects food from germs, extending shelf life and reducing liability


airPHX Technology

airPHX patented technology uses non-thermal plasma to change a small percentage of the oxygen molecules in the air. These oxidizing molecules destroy molds (fungus), bacteria, and viruses, oxidizing and destroying them at the cellular level.

Key Attributes
  • Completely organic and safe process with no chemicals 

  • Economically treats spaces of any size using ambient air within the treatment area

  • Can be installed as stand-alone equipment, within existing ducts, or as a portable unit

  • No effect on temperature or humidity

  • Continuous 24-hour treatment with low power usage, operating cost, and minimal maintenance 

  • Can be calibrated for different operating times and contamination levels


Airborne pathogens are destroyed as air circulates through the unit


Air containing a low level of ROS circulates through the treatment space. Organisms are eliminated throughout the space, including airborne and surface pathogens



Surface Bacterial Testing

The following data shows the results of airPHX oxidizing molecules testing on a variety of surfaces that frequently contact food. Sampling was performed by the USDA Agricultural Research Service, Food Safety and Process Technology Inc. (FSPT), and corporate distribution partners.​


Value Proposition

  • Continuous Treatment​

  • Low Operating Costs

  • Proven Effective by USDA and private testers

  • Scalable

  • Risk Mitigation: Recalls and Reputation