Greenhouse & Produce Solutions

Reduce fungal risks with airPHX.

Many greenhouse owners and growers use fungicides to stop or prevent infections, coating their produce with harmful chemicals. airPHX technology kills necrotic fungi, molds, and powdery mildew non-chemically, keeping plants free of chemicals and your workplace safe and clean.

Key Benefits:
  • Reduced operating costs

    • Eliminate reliance on chemicals​

    • Reduce labor costs

  • The ability to kill botrytis cinerea as well as other necrotrophic fungus

  • Significant reduction of E. coli, Salmonella and Listeria in the air and on surfaces in food storage and preparation areas

  • Ability to control Ethylene levels

  • Reduce cross-contamination

  • Reduction of food spoilage/shrink

  • Odor control (spoiled food cold rooms in stores)

airPHX Effect on Apples

The apples test uses holes punctured in each apple, from which USDA staff measured the effect of Botrytis cinerea, looking at lesions and their growth. With the apples it is clear the impact is nearly 100% elimination of the decay caused by Botrytis cinerea.

ROS Technology Efficacy on Produce

airPHX Effect on Peaches

The peaches without treatment are very clearly affected by blue-brown mold (soft rot), while the peaches treated by airPHX technology remain mold-free.

airPHX Effect on Tomatoes

airPHX treatment of tomatoes decreases shrinkage by fungal dehydration by over 60%.  The treated tomatoes shrunk by 5.4% compared to 13.5% in untreated tomatoes.  The treated fruit also ripened more uniformly and had less stem and soft rot.