Continuous Scalable Solution for Elimination of Airborne and Surface Pathogens

May 4, 2018

Proprietary Non-Thermal Plasma Technology to be Showcased in Start-Up Alley at IFT18

Continuous Scalable Solution for Elimination of Airborne and Surface Pathogens


airPHX | Environmental ("air fix") has been selected as one of twelve companies to participate in the Start-Up Alley at the IFT18 conference.  The Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) Food Expo attracts over 23,000 attendees representing food science professionals from over 90 countries across the globe.  airPHX, a private company, offers air and surface sanitation solutions and is known for its proprietary, cost-effective non-thermal plasma technology that delivers results without expensive filters, chemicals or UV light.  According to William Pommerening, President, "with applications throughout the food supply chain, the IFT18 conference is a great venue for showcasing this ground-breaking technology" (


The Pathogen Problem
Foodborne pathogens Escherichia coli O157:H7, Salmonella spp and Listeria monocytogenes pose an increasing challenge for the food industry.  According to Fortune Magazine (May 6, 2016), "Bacteria Contamination cost the American Food Industry over $55.5 billion in recall, litigation, settlements and associated safety problems." Existing remediation methods have included air filtration, thermal pasteurization, organic acid application, and ozone. These methods have limitations and can have adverse effects in product and plant operations. 


airPHX Technology
airPHX uses a proprietary technique to eliminate pathogens in the air, on products, as well as equipment, HVAC coils, ductwork, walls and floors. The plasma can be created from ambient air, at varying external temperatures and relative humidity, and can be deployed in a wide variety of environments.  According to Rick Falkenberg, Ph.D. CFA, Scientific Air Solutions: "the technology developed by airPHX has a wide range of applications due to its ability to produce a highly oxidative environment within a reaction chamber and discharge molecules that have an oxidizing capacity at levels that are safe for human exposure into the environment."  


airPHX technology has been validated in independent lab testing and in real world installations.  Lab testing of coupons inoculated with actual pathogens experienced 4-log reductions in 30 minutes and total kill after four hours.  Clients include an air-chiller in a Midwest chicken plant, a produce warehouse and a floral operation just to name a few. Mr. Pommerening added: "we are excited to share this technology with the industry". 


airPHX is a private company offering a proprietary air and surface decontamination solution.


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